Monitoring Biker’s Attention

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What do bikers watch while driving?

Are drivers trully safe on Bruxelles’ roads?


Buckle up and analyse an experimented biker’s gaze in the course of a short trip through Bruxelles downtown.


Monitor the biker’s eye behaviour in a real driving situation.


  • Analysis of attention and gazepaths with Tobii Eye Tracking Glasses 2


The biker was equipped with the Eye Tracker device before the ride. We monitor where the driver was looking at and the dispersion of his attention.


This short study highlights a method for analysing and monitoring human operators’ behaviour. We can observe the contribution of eye tracking to evaluate the compliance of procedures in complex environments. Eye tracking can be used along with other sensors to objectively measure affective and cognitive states in complex environments.

Detailed analyses

Road users’ behaviors

In this video, we can see that the biker takes a long time to watch both sides of the road before turning. This is probably due to the high number of cars parked.

Detection of risk areas

Here, we can see that the biker burned a priority from the right. After the study, the biker told us that he couldn’t see the car in time because of the other cars parked there.

Awareness monitoring

This video represent a high workload task where the driver has to watch carefully before engaging the roundabout. As you can see, the biker had already seen the two pedestrians before this step.

Respect of speed limits

The Eye Tracker also allow us to see if the driver saw the various signs at the side of the road. Here, we see that the driver quickly adjust his speed after seeing the light panel.