Commercial’s emotional key scenes

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How well does your new commercial emotionally engage your audience?

Which scenes should you keep in your final cut in order to maintain viewers’ attention?


Explore with us your target audience behaviors while they watch your commercial.


Identify in real time the likeability, memorability and attractiveness of each scene of a commercial.


  • Brain activity measurements with Emotiv Epoch+ electroencephalogram (EEG)
  • Analysis of gazepaths with Tobii Pro X3-120 Eye Tracker


Each respondent will be equipped with a 14 channel wireless EEG headset and asked to watch a twenty minutes documentary interrupted by three commercial breaks to simulate the natural viewing of ads. This protocol allows us to monitor and analyze viewers’ true emotional responses toward a commercial.


Through brain frequency distribution and lateralization, we can evaluate which scenes are able to grab users’ attention and provides them an emotionally rich memorable experience. Eye tracker and electroencephalogram can be used along with other sensors to objectively measure affective and cognitive states.

Detailed analyses

Emotional summary

A summary can be generated based on the percent of likability, memorability and attractiveness across the commercial. This allows for a quick comparison between various versions of a commercial and/or between competitors.

Attractivness 0
Likeability 0
Memorability 0

Commercial shortening

A second-by-second analysis of the variation of these three metrics (left video) allows us to select only emotionally relevant scenes and shorten the commercial while maintaining an optimal memorability of the brand (video at the right).